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#3: it’s the model that’s the problem!

It's a slightly disappointing feeling when you realise that you're not enjoying painting a model.

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It’s a slightly disappointing feeling when you realise that you’re not enjoying painting a model. Particularly when it’s one that you were looking forward to.
I managed to find a little time to start working on Aenur, and also to try out some of the Scale75 Instant paints at the same time. From the painting session I had two main takeaways:

  1. Scale75 paints go everywhere when you don’t pierce a big enough hole in the dropper. I’ve managed to avoid this in the past but finally had it happen. I was not a happy bunny!
  2. Some old sculpts simply have stupid angles to work in!

Aenur is a pain in the arse, to put it bluntly. All of his details are recessed, at funny angles, and hidden underneath and behind each other. Trying to get a brush into anywhere without hitting everything else is an absolute nightmare as everything is so cramped. Trying to get him painted up has been a very frustrating experience, and to be honest it’s actually rather disheartening. I will finish him of course (thanks for the words of encouragement James!) but the quality is going to be decidedly sub-par – very much a case of “Contrast wherever I can and run away!”

Will I ever come back to him? More than likely. I’ve had the model for ~22 years and when I was younger I was too scared to paint him, so one day I would like to give the model the paint job I feel it deserves. For now however he’ll be an exercise in frustration and resignation, which is a real shame.

pawl has been an on/off hobbyist since the late nineties but still possesses significantly more enthusiasm for the hobby as a whole than skill with a brush, and so is always on the hunt for fast, easy and lazy techniques that give good results. Despite this he sometimes still attempts to paint Space Marine helmet lenses, and occasionally even manages to stay within the lines!

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