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#12: I cheated my way around the hard road

Sometimes you cheat because things are too difficult. Sometimes you cheat because the easy road presents itself suddenly. This is the latter. Mostly.

#11: my hobby desk distracted me

I haven't had a hobby desk in years, so finally having the opportunity to move my stuff somewhere permanent was very exciting!

Opinion: on the subject of female Space Marines

The idea of female Space Marines has gotten some people's Power Armour in a twist. Let's talk about why, and see if we can't solve the problem.

#10: it’s all Stephen’s fault!

It's okay though, because a solution is imminent! Watch this space...

#9: how many times can I get away with “this is my first time”?

I'm really rather hoping that the answer is 'a lot', because it would seem that I'm not particularly good at most things!

#8: I used the wrong primer!

For rough work like I'm planning it's probably a good idea to start from a durable base coat that can withstand some punishment. I didn't do that!

#… no excuses today?!

Getting some hands-on experience with bovine camouflage! 🐮

#7: I couldn’t find the parts!

Top Amateur Tip: attempting to scratch build with the box from a frozen pizza might not always be the best idea!
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