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The art of bits boxing

Bits boxing: Boots-n-cats-n-spare-helmets!

The best plastic glue for Warhammer models

Don't stick Space Marines together with Pritt Stick! Plastic glue is like Highlander - there can only be one!

impcat guide (or “How to magically paint models on your phone!”)

Trying out paint scheme tests is a lot easier when you don't actually have to put brush to model - look inside to find out how with impcat!

Review: Garfy’s Get A Grip Ultra Painting Handle

Garfy's work can be found in White Dwarf and on the Warhammer Community site, but does his painting handle live up to his paint jobs?

Stripping Warhammer models the easy way – plastic & metal

Stripping Warhammer models doesn't have to be difficult. In this easy to follow guide we see how, without using brand-named products!
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