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#14: I got a new job!

That doesn't explain why it's been more than two months since my last blog update, but it's the best I've got!

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The last few weeks have been rather hectic, to say the least! I’ve finally managed to leave the hospitality industry after 13 years with my last employer, and I’m about to start my second week of (mentally exhausting!) training with my new employer. I have four more weeks left (plus a week off in the middle, as they’re not making me work Christmas!) until I start working ‘for real’, so I’m hoping it gets easier as I go! That’s my excuse for this update though: I’m knackered!

So, what have I done, and what’s coming up? I’ll start with what I’ve done.

If you’ve read back through this blog then you may remember that a while ago I tried to come up with a lazier way to paint Garfy’s Occiputek Necron scheme. I thought I would have another go, and while I’m still not happy I’m getting closer to something that will work.

Saitekh Dynasty Necron test model

This time around I started by airbrushing the copper, rather than trying to paint underneath all the armour sections by hand. This saved me no end of time, but meant that I still had to get the brushes out very early. For my next attempt I think I’ll be losing the copper entirely, as I don’t think it’s really that important compared to the time I could save.

I also wasn’t a fan of the orange ‘glow’. Both because it didn’t exactly glow (my own fault for not using the fluorescent paint correctly), and also because the colour didn’t work. After feedback from Peter (Adeptus Smurfus) and CeltikPainting it was suggested that this was because my metallics were too warm and that I needed to contrast them with a colder fluorescent colour. Therefore my next scheme test will actually have two models – one following this suggestion, one with some changes of my own. Hopefully there won’t be such a wait next time!

Going forward I have a big box full of exciting plastic to look at!

Cadia Stands box

Before I start assembling everything however I’ve already spotted an opportunity to break out the magnets – those Ordnance teams come with three different weapon options, and I’m pretty certain that I could magnetise them to make all three interchangeable! More on this another day, however…

pawl has been an on/off hobbyist since the late nineties but still possesses significantly more enthusiasm for the hobby as a whole than skill with a brush, and so is always on the hunt for fast, easy and lazy techniques that give good results. Despite this he sometimes still attempts to paint Space Marine helmet lenses, and occasionally even manages to stay within the lines!

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