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#1: I have come down with what I think might be the flu

This blog will cover everything that I work on, with (I'm sure) a never-ending list of reasons why I haven't made any real progress.

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I am an incredibly slow modeller. I have ideas and plans that I never seem to get round to because there’s always a skill or a technique I want to learn first, or a product that I want to try but don’t have, and because my opportunities to actually work are very limited.

This blog will cover everything that I work on, with (I’m sure) a never-ending list of reasons why I haven’t made any real progress. Excuse #1 above is why tonight I will be sat behind a screen instead of sat with a scalpel!

So, my current plans?

Excuse #1 - Aenur

Firstly the painting of Aenur, Sword of Twilight – a ~20 year old model that older Mordheim fans might recognise! This model is intended to be an entry for both the DRPA ‘Orange’ challenge and The Warp Storm’s Just One Model – January challenge, and so will need completing by the end of the month. Excluding tonight that gives me 3/4 possible evenings where I might get hobby time! I did however receive a parcel today containing some things that might get used for the model…

Excuse #1 - GSW delivery

Following on from Aenur I also have a more long-term and slightly scalier project that looks something like this:

Excuse #1 - Start Collecting! Seraphon

Please excuse the state of my hobby cupboard – this is a very flattering photo!

My plans for these guys are a bright orange and teal schemed Seraphon force making their way through swampy terrain, but more on these guys later!

So for now I leave you with my first excuse and a promise to actually paint something this year!

pawl has been an on/off hobbyist since the late nineties but still possesses significantly more enthusiasm for the hobby as a whole than skill with a brush, and so is always on the hunt for fast, easy and lazy techniques that give good results. Despite this he sometimes still attempts to paint Space Marine helmet lenses, and occasionally even manages to stay within the lines!

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