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My White Dwarf collection (part 1?)

Today I'm taking a look at my (fairly extensive) White Dwarf collection, which has recently had a rather exciting addition!

Warhamateur has a brand new look!

Sully has been hard at working getting Warhamateur looking new and pretty again, and we happen to think he's done Bob Ross proud!

Best prices on pre-orders and new releases!

Want to buy all the new hobby stuff without breaking the bank? Have a look inside and we'll talk Warhammer discounts on new and upcoming products!

#14: I got a new job!

That doesn't explain why it's been more than two months since my last blog update, but it's the best I've got!

Buying an airbrush respirator – what do we need?

An airbrush respirator is vital if you're planning on spraying solvent-based paints and still handy for spraying acrylics, so let's ask the expert what we need!

Review: Dirty Down Rust Effects paint – brush and airbrush

All the cool kids have been talking about it recently, so I decided it was time to try out the Dirty Down Rust Effect paint for myself!

#13: I need to stop leaving everything until the last minute

I also have to stop trying out new painting techniques on my final model. It's much easier to avoid making mistakes when you've had a few practise runs!

Why painting on the sprue is (almost) always a bad idea

A few words for newer hobbyists about why the seemingly brilliant idea of painting on the sprue isn't going to make your life any easier!

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