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Best prices on pre-orders and new releases!

Want to buy all the new hobby stuff without breaking the bank? Have a look inside and we'll talk Warhammer discounts on new and upcoming products!

Review: DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nippers

It's time for me to replace my tired old clippers so I decided to upgrade to a pair touted to be as good as it gets - the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nippers!

Review: cheap vortex mixer

Will this budget paint-tornado machine live up to expectations? This review follows me testing out a cheap vortex mixer on some old paints.

Starting Warhammer on a budget

Poorhammer for beginners! See how you can start Warhammer on a budget.

Discount Games Workshop retailers

Everybody loves a reduction on retail prices, and this guide to discount Games Workshop retailers has reductions by the bucket-load!

Ultimate guide to cheap Warhammer

Poorhammer for everyone! Being a cheap Warhammer hobbyist is easier than you might think, so let's find out how to get started!

Stripping Warhammer models the easy way – plastic & metal

Stripping Warhammer models doesn't have to be difficult. In this easy to follow guide we see how, without using brand-named products!

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